Energy & Climate Action News

San Francisco Chronicle - April 10, 2018

The city could soon be a bit brighter and more energy efficient — that’s because San Francisco’s Department of the Environment is giving away 100,000 long-lasting LED light bulbs.

Yale Daily News - April 01, 2018

As awareness of the damaging effects of climate change has increased over the past few decades, Yale has worked to reduce its carbon footprint. This week, three students were recognized for their proposals to create a more energy-efficient future at the University.

Wired - March 16, 2018

On a rainy day in New Orleans, people file into a beige one-story building on Jefferson Davis Parkway to sign up for the Low-Income Heating and Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP), a federal grant that helps people keep up with their utility bills.

Natural Resources Defense Council - February 22, 2018

Achievable and commonsense energy efficiency measures could help save six American lives every day and avoid up to $20 billion in health harms each year.

Mercury News - February 20, 2018

PG&E has reached a state-mandated renewable energy goal three years earlier than required, the company said, but fresh challenges loom as the company’s last nuclear power plant is slated for deactivation.

American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy - February 07, 2018

Later this week, athletes proudly wearing their countries’ colors will fill the winter sports arenas of PyeongChang, South Korea, as they compete in the 2018 Olympic Winter Games.

Reuters - January 30, 2018

Miami and other U.S. cities most at risk from disasters exacerbated by global warming are also among those whose high energy consumption is fuelling temperature rise, data from clean-energy company Arcadia Power showed on Tuesday.

University of California - January 27, 2018

Smart windows that are transparent when it’s dark or cool but automatically darken when the sun is too bright are increasingly popular energy-saving devices. But imagine that when the window is darkened, it simultaneously produces electricity.

KQED - January 26, 2018

California is significantly upping the ante in its quest to get more electric cars on the road.

Mercury News - December 20, 2017

They date back to the time of Thomas Edison. They’ve provided decades and decades of warm bright light to our homes and workplaces. And they’re about go bye-bye.