Energy & Climate Action News

SF Gate - October 30, 2015

Californians slashed their water use 26 percent in September, meeting Gov.Jerry Brown’s goal of a 25 percent reduction for the fourth straight month even

Energy Manager Today - October 29, 2015

Safety and security are the top concerns of building owners surveyed in The Honeywell Smart Building Score.

The Telegraph - October 27, 2015

Oil, gas and coal companies face the mounting risk of legal damages for alleged climate abuse as global leaders signal an end to business-as-usual and draw up sweeping plans to curb greenhouse gas emissions, Bank of America has warned.

Bloomberg - October 23, 2015

Maybe it's the pope.

Environmental & Energy Publishing - October 22, 2015

Successful companies make and sell products that consumers demand, and fossil energy companies have long said demand for their products -- particularly from emerging markets -- will be strong decades from now.

CityLab - October 22, 2015

For the fifth year running, the American Institute of Architects (AIA) has crunched the numbers on its national sustainability challenge, the AIA 2030 Commitment.

Los Angeles Times - October 07, 2015

California launched an ambitious effort Wednesday to expand renewable energy and increase energy efficiency, advancing Gov. Jerry Brown's plans for battling climate change.

KQED - October 01, 2015

Urban Californians used 27 percent less water in August than they did in the same month in 2013, the State Water Resources Control Board said today.

County of San Mateo - County Manager's Office - October 01, 2015

Significant work across San Mateo County addressing climate change and achieving measurable reductions in energy and greenhouse gas emissions was honored today with Beacon Awards. The County of San Mateo’s award is a first for any county in California.

GOOD Magazine - August 29, 2015

The world is currently going crazy over a showerhead.