SMC Energy Strategy

In 2008, the Utilities and Sustainability Task Force (a C/CAG committee) prepared the San Mateo County Energy Strategy. This cohesive report charts the way for cities in the county to work collaboratively. It frames the discussion and defines practical actions for the cities and the County regarding energy, water, alternative generation, and climate protection. Energy usage as it relates to transportation is not included in this report.

The Energy Strategy was adopted by the San Mateo County Board of Supervisors in December 2008, and by all 20 cities in the county in 2009.

The Utilities and Sustainability Task Force has been renamed the Resource Management and Climate Protection (RMCP) Committee. The RMCP has begun work on an update to the Energy Strategy. The new version may include a transportation strategy. For more information about the Energy Strategy, contact Kim Springer: 650-599-1412.