Available Financing

Farms are eligible for PG&E's 0% financing for energy efficiency projects. You can borrow up to $100,000 payable over five years. (Loan minimum is $5,000.) We're happy to provide information, answer questions, and help you apply. Call 650-599-1403 to get started!


Would you like to save money by reducing the amount of energy you use on your farm? Farms are eligible for a variety of programs to help.

Lighting and refrigeration

San Mateo County Energy Watch offers no-cost lighting and refrigeration audits. An Energy Watch auditor will do a no-obligation energy audit of your facility, and then present a proposal detailing how much money you can save. Because most of the upgrade work is covered by special rebates from Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PG&E), your farm's out-of-pocket cost will be minimal (usually recouped in a matter of months). Implementation is hassle-free: We handle the project management and the rebate paperwork. Call 650-599-1403 to get started.

Pumps, greenhouses, sprinkler nozzles, steam traps

Pacific Gas and Electric Company also offers a variety of no-cost energy audits, incentives, rebates, and special programs.  These include subsidies for energy efficient pumps, greenhouse heat curtains, infrared film for greenhouses, low-pressure sprinkler nozzles, commercial steam traps, and energy efficient lighting. For more information, visit this PG&E website or call 877-311-FARM (3276).

Time-of-use rates

PG&E is transitioning qualified small- and medium-size farm customers from flat rate plans to a rate plan called “Time of Use.”  With time-of-use rates, the cost of energy varies based on when energy is used. For instance, electric rates are typically lower in mornings, evenings, weekends, and holidays when the cost for generating energy is lowest. This “time-varying pricing” is part of a statewide energy plan that will change the way most businesses across California are charged for electricity. To find out if you qualify, call PG&E at 650-598-7456.