Lighting Retrofits

Turn-key energy efficiency retrofit program

In partnership with Ecology Action, San Mateo County Energy Watch offers no-cost, no-obligation energy assessments to determine where your facilities have opportunities for energy and cost savings. The results are detailed in a report containing recommended energy-efficiency upgrades, anticipated energy cost savings, retrofit costs, and the amount of instant rebates and/or calculated incentives. You will be able to see exactly how much the retrofit will cost and how long it will take to recoup your investment through reduced energy bills. 

In addition, SMC Energy Watch can identify other energy-efficiency retrofit projects for your facilities and help you get incentives for these projects. Such projects may include boilers, chillers, computer power management, energy management systems, retro-commissioning, etc.  Here's the process:

Step 1. No-Cost Energy Assessment

Our energy efficiency expert will identify energy-saving opportunities. Common areas addessed include: lighting, refrigeration, heating and cooling systems, vending machines, occupancy and daylight sensors, and exit signs.



Step 2: No-Obligation Customized Energy Report


Step 3: No-Hassle Installation

We schedule and oversee the high-quality work, using pre-screened contractors at negotiated rates. Rebates typically cover 30-100% of total cost.


Step 4: Start Saving Immediately.

We handle the rebate paperwork -- you just pay your portion. Projects are inspected for quality insurance and 100% satisfaction. Customers give feedback before the job is considered complete.



Generally, any commercial PG&E customer who receives electric service on the A1, A6, A10, or E19-v rate schedules can particpate in this turn-key program. Public agencies, non-profits, schools, farms, and businesses can be served. Property owners as well as businesses that lease their space are encouraged to apply! Apartments, condos, and other multi-family properties are eligible in their common-use areas only.

To get started, send in this form.

Case Studies

Oncina Jewelry (Menlo Park)

Martin Oncina, owner of Oncina Fine Jewelry, only paid $34 out of his own pocket to replace his store's track lighting through the Energy Watch program; Energy Watch rebates covered 98% of the $2,000 retrofit. The new energy-efficient lights have dramatically improved the quality of the store's lighting, displaying the jewelry at its best and not raising the store's temperature, like the old lights did. Read the full case study here.

Stephen Miller Gallery (Menlo Park)

Stephen Miller, owner of Stephen Miller Gallery, paid nothing to get his rug store's lighting upgraded through the SMC Energy Watch program; Energy Watch rebates covered 100% of the $13,000 retrofit. Miller has found that the new lights not only help his customers see the true color of the rugs, but they have also cut the gallery's utility bills by more than half. Read the full case study here.