Zero Energy Strategic Plan

The SMCEW has developed a draft Zero Energy Strategic Plan in order to set goals, provide trainings, and inspire change in San Mateo County. 

The SMCEW will address two scopes of work through this Strategic Plan:

  1. Providing technical support and resources to cities
  2. Facilitate workforce development surrounding ZE construction

To address these themes, the SMCEW has developed 4 major ZE Commitments with individual goals, as seen below:

  1. Support Municipalities by developing ZE Action Plan and Policy Templates
  2. Nurture Early Adopters and Influence Developing Projects
  3. Train Professionals about Zero Energy Buildings
  4. Provide Training and Informational Materials to Building Departments and Planning Commissions

Please read our draft strategic plan to learn more details about how we plan to address these commitments 

 Zero Energy Strategic Plan Draft

If you have any questions please contact Jacki Falconio- or our ZE Hotline: 650-599-1402