Available Financing

SMC Energy Watch can help you apply for these loans.   

  • PG&E 0% On-Bill Financing - Public school districts can borrow up to $1 million for energy efficiency projects with a simple pay-back period of 10 years or less. Private schools can borrow up to $100,000 with a simple pay-back period of 5 years or less. Projects must qualify for incentives from PG&E.  
  • CEC 0% Loans - Public school districts can borrow up to $3 million for energy-saving projects (including renewables). The simple pay-back period must be 15 years or less. 

SMC Energy Watch can provide a list of other school districts that have used these financing mechanisms. We can also arrange for a presentation from PG&E or a conversation with a CEC financing expert.

Questions? Call 650-599-1468.

Prop 39 Background

The California Clean Energy Jobs Act (Prop. 39) allocates projected revenue to California's General Fund and the Clean Energy Job Creation Fund for five fiscal years, beginning with fiscal year 2013-14. Under the initiative, roughly up to $550 million annually (for five years) is available for appropriation by the Legislature for eligible projects to improve energy efficiency and expand clean energy generation in schools.

Eligible local educational agencies (LEAs) — including county offices of education, school districts, charter schools and state special schools—can request funding by submitting an energy expenditure plan application to the California Energy Commission. The Energy Commission approves plans and works with the California Department of Education, which subsequently distributes funds after plans have been approved.

SMCEW Support for School Districts

The San Mateo County Energy Watch (SMCEW) is a non-profit partnership between PG&E and the City and County Association of Governments of San Mateo County (C/CAG). One of the main goals of the SMCEW program is to provide no-cost technical assistance to public school districts in San Mateo County for energy efficiency projects.

Prop 39 Background

The deadlines for Prop 39 are posted on the Program Guidelines under Program Implementation Guidelines.

  • Schools must begin projects by June 30, 2018
    • Public Resources Code Section 26233 (d) states “A local educational agency (LEA) shall encumber funds received pursuant to this section by June 30, 2018”. The California School Accounting Manual, procedure 210-11 details budgetary accounting for LEAs. It defines encumbrance as a commitment in the form of a purchase order or offer to buy goods or services.
  • Final date all projects must be completed is June 30, 2020
  • Schools final project reporting date is June 30, 2021