Benchmarking Facility Energy Use

SMC Energy Watch assists cities and schools in tracking and assessing the energy consumption of their facilities using Energy Star’s Portfolio Manager. This national online database from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency lets you compare the energy performance of your facilities to similar buildings nationwide. Portfolio Manager also normalizes for weather and several other important building and operational characteristics, allowing comparisons to be made on a level playing field. To learn how to use Portfolio Manager, visit or

SMC Energy Watch will assist facilities staff in inputting energy and building information to get them set up, as well as connecting with Web Services from PG&E. Web Services imports historical energy usage data and updates it monthly so you don’t have to enter meter data manually for each month. SMC Energy Watch will present the findings using custom reports and graphs to allow users to see time trending information and compare facilities within their portfolio. Buildings that receive a verified score of 75 or higher (on a scale of 0 to 100) qualify for Energy Star certification, which indicates that the building performs better than 75% of all similar buildings nationwide.

In 2013, SMC Energy Watch successfully benchmarked energy usage for all 173 public K-12 schools in San Mateo County. Our commitment to reducing energy consumption, which ultimately reduces greenhouse gas emissions, won’t stop there. Our next goal is to benchmark the water usage for the public schools as well. Benchmarking provides performance baselines for faculties and illustrates areas for improvement. Comparing water consumption rates from the past to today will help us understand how the water is being allocated and where improvements can and should be made. Interested in having your school(s) take advantage of our no-cost water benchmarking services as soon as possible? Give us a call at 650-599-1403.