Services & Financing

If your school is interested in pursuing energy efficiency projects or would like assistance with planned projects, SMCEW can help figure out the best way forward by providing no-cost services such as:

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Energy audits and reports

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Support with bid selection

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Implementation process assistance

Our team can also connect school district finance staff with financing options and other relevant programs.

Contact us to learn more about services and financing.

Financing Options for Energy Efficiency Upgrades

To help pay for energy efficiency upgrades to school facilities, PG&E offers 0% interest On Bill Financing. If you are interested in learning more please contact your PG&E representative or the SMCEW team.

For additional financing resources, especially related to commercial projects, the U.S. Department of Energy offers a simple tool for finding financing for energy efficiency and renewable energy projects through the Better Buildings Initiative. The tool allows project managers to input project information and requirements and will connect them with the most ideal type of available financing and finance providers. Check out more using the Better Buildings Financial Navigator.

Keep an eye on the CEC Proposition 39 page for more updates.