Electric Vehicle Adoption in San Mateo County

As sustainable transportation solutions are becoming an increasingly important part of climate change mitigation, we want to recognize the importance of electric vehicles in greenhouse gas emission reductions. The San Mateo County Sustainability Department is working with partners across the county to promote sustainable transportation options. Here are some resources for purchasing an EV and information about initiatives in San Mateo County.

View the data

The San Mateo County Energy Watch created this interactive map on the County’s Open Data Portal displaying the number of electric vehicles (EVs) registered by zip code and locations of charging stations across the county. Zoom in on the map to look more closely at your own neighborhood.


  • If you are considering purchasing an EV, use this map to identify charging stations near you and see how many EVs there are in your area.

Businesses, non-profits, or municipalities:

  • If your organization is interested in promoting EV adoption, use this map to identify the level of adoption in your area and see where new charging stations may be needed.
  • If your organization is interested in installing electric vehicle charging stations, it may be eligible for funding through the Bay Area Air Quality Management District’s Charge! Program.


Get Help Shopping for an Electric Vehicle

Electric vehicles (EVs) can save you money, are fun to drive and, of course, are better for the environment than conventional gasoline-powered vehicles.

If you’re considering buying an EV, here are three resources to help you decide if an EV is right for you and which EV model works best with your lifestyle:

  • MyGreenCar: This app analyzes your driving habits and identifies which EV models are best suited for your needs.
  • Bay Area SunShares: Last year, Bay Area SunShares, a program of the Business Council on Climate Change, offered special, limited-time discounts on electric vehicles and home solar installation for Bay Area residents. When program registration ended in November, 700 people had signed up to learn about EV discounts, and 10 people purchased EVs. If you missed last year’s SunShares registration period, sign up here to be notified when the program opens again in August.

San Mateo County Electric Vehicle Initiative

The County was awarded a grant through Peninsula Clean Energy’s Community Pilot Program to address barriers for EV adoption in its cities and unincorporated areas. The “Roadmap for Municipal Green Fleets” will include a toolkit, as well as technical assistance, for local governments interested in strategic planning of their fleet electrification efforts. The grant will also fund the purchase of electric bikes and an electric vehicle for County employees. The Community Pilot Program funding will support the County’s efforts to electrify its fleet, encourage employees to drive EVs and support broader EV adoption across all county jurisdictions. Later this year we will be reaching out to cities interested in participation.


Interested in charging your electric car at a county facility? Visit the Sustainability Department website for more information.

Want to learn more about transportation projects across San Mateo County? Visit the City/County Association Of Governments website for more information.